direction VIA human ecology: Grant USA property not on lists, we hold dear, to our memorial sites, lists of traditional USAmericana! We do not need total privatization of all property! But this is a totally absurd problem ,rooted in USA federal ownership of acreage and millions of square miles of local property we could grant to people at our social economic margins! That would be a huge step away from the ridiculous stand offs, we are in now, in the western range country! The Feds do not belong, owning all that open country, spending tax dollars, managing it! Instead of that built in commons tragedy, we could grant property to poor or working class, in some kinds of community property corporations! The poor and working class folks, could have options across the spectrum of diverse kinds of management, keeping some government help, till people get on their feet! End this absurd commons tragedy of tax funded violating of human ecology laws! Human Ecology conservation practice, needs more private property, not less private property! It would be better for our Fed, Debt, by cutting USA BLM budget, while giving property value to poor and working poor people! This is, while private property encourages conservation ,rooted in property value, with social accountability! Private property, triggers environs value, going hand in hand with neighborhood value! Just stop, and end this commons tragedy now, by granting property to the marginalized poor and working poor tax payers!